Short course on toxicologic pathology in fish

University of Heidelberg,  September 27th to 29th 2016




General Information

We are pleased to announce the 4th short course on toxicologic pathology in fish.  The aim is to provide training in the methods and diagnosis of toxicopathological lesions in fish.

The course will cover several aspects of toxicologic pathology in fish including:

•   Methodological considerations

•   Incidental pathologies

•   Commonalities and differences between toxicopathic and infectious lesions

•   Design and evaluation of histopathological studies

•   Regulatory applications

There will also be a specific element dedicated to the Fish Disease component of BEQUALM (see for more details) whereby liver histopathology, will be discussed. This will broadly follow:

•   Overview of liver pathology in flatfish

•   Use of liver histopathology in biomonitoring

•   Considerations for field studies and the importance of rigorous sampling protocols

•   Assessment of liver pathology from other fish species, marine and freshwater

The course will take place at the University of Heidelberg 27th to 29th September 2016. The course will place significant emphasis on "hands-on" practical training and the diagnosis of pathological changes in fish tissues.

If you would like to propose a specific subject for inclusion or would like to request more information, please contact:

Thomas Braunbeck, University of Heidelberg (

Helmut Segner, University of Bern (

Stephen Feist, CEFAS, Weymouth (


Course fees:

The registration fee for the course is 300 Euro. This will include course materials, coffee and lunch during the course days, a reception and a joint dinner.


Registration: Please send the completed form (PDF or DOCX) to Thomas Braunbeck (


Registration deadline: 31.07.2016


Venue of the workshop

Centre for Organismal Studies (, Im Neuenheimer Feld 230, D-69120 Heidelberg

Ground floor, seminar room 004.



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For assistance and help, please contact Thomas Braunbeck (


Payment information

Please make the workshop payable to Dr. Thomas Braunbeck, COS Heidelberg. Details will be provided upon submission of the registration form (available as PDF or DOCX).

University of Heidelberg
Centre for Organismal Studies
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Prof. Dr. Thomas Braunbeck
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