Short course on toxicologic pathology in fish

University of Heidelberg,  September 27th to 29th 2016




Preliminary agenda

Wednesday 27th September

13:00   Registration, objectives and overview of the agenda, Participant introductions

13:30   Introduction to toxicologic histopathology of fish: where to apply histopathology in fish toxicology? (mechanistic studies, regulatory arena, monitoring,..)

15:15   Coffee break

15:30   Practical exercises – Normal histology, zebrafish, fathead minnow and medaka: slide reading – self-studies and demonstrations

17:30   END

Thursday 28th September

09:00   Methodological issues: artefacts, panel of staining methodologies, stereology, small specimens (embryos, etc.), experimental design, linkage of histopathology to molecular tools/phenotypic anchoring (all)

10:15   Coffee break

10:45   Toxicologic histopathology of fish: target organs, examples of responses, differences from infectious disease, mis-diagnoses and missed diagnoses

13:00   LUNCH

14:00   Practical session – case studies (microscope/presentation)

Friday 29th September

09:00   BEQUALM fish disease measurement program "Toxicologic pathology in environmental monitoring and assessment (neoplastic changes and their relation to toxic exposure, classification of tumors)"; practical session - BEQUALM ring test (John)

12:30   Overview of course, feedback and proposals for 2016.

13:00   END

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